School of Music – Piano, Composition, & Singing Lessons (Wollongong & Illawarra)

School of Music – Piano, Composition, Singing

Theodore’s School of Music was established in 2017 and is founded and directed by Peter ‘Theodore’ Teodorescu and Diana Teodorescu. 

We are proud to be the Number 1 choice of school and tuition in the Wollongong & Illawarra region in piano, vocal coaching/singing, music composition, and music theory. We teach both children and adults, from skill levels of beginner to professional artists.

 Peter moved from Romania in 2017 and brings his International performance and touring experience, along with his vocal coaching of celebrities for television series to the Wollongong region.

Working on teams with TV personalities, entertainers, and television crews means that Peter brings real life experience to Wollongong’s local theatres, developing pianists, artists and performers.



He has been the vocal coach for TV personalities, entertainers and stage performers including X Factor and The Voice contestants.


Peter was the musical advisor and vocal coach on the ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ TV series [2011 – 2016]

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Areas of Study

Piano & Singing

Composition & Transcription

Sheet Music & Arrangements


School MasterClasses

Our new MasterClass series created and designed for Kindergarten to Year 8 school students, and held within the 10 week school term at your local school.

Guitar Tuition & Examinations


David J Powderly is the director & founder of DJP Teaching. He is a professional guitar teacher and music examiner for the Registry of Guitar Tutors and London College of Music one of the world’s most respected music exam boards.

David has held exams and taught in four countries and has an international student roster.

Since 2017, Australia is extremely fortunate to have recently acquired David as an International specialist in Guitar Education.

We highly recommend DJP Teaching to all new and existing guitar students.

Choosing the right teacher from the beginning is important to help you reach your full potential. They will not only be a teacher to you, they will be a mentor. Music tuition impacts all areas of your life.  Find the right mentor to speed up the learning process (even if you are learning for fun). Find a teacher that has a strong history and has a strong experienced background.

You are paying for your lessons, so go the extra mile to research your teacher and ask lots of questions.


Guitar Students

Guitar Instruments & Technology


Theatre, Drama, & Singing

Anthony Rule is the director and founder of Rule Studios. He has an amazingly rare vocal range and can sing mezzo-soprano with ease. This makes him the perfect vocal teacher for both female and male adults, and children of all ages.

We are a Registered Child Safe Organisation