Grand Piano for Your Event

If you would like to hire out a grand piano for your event, approximate costs are below. There are different pianos available, and the size you may want will vary and depend on the venue size, and audience size.

  • Yamaha Upright Hybrid
  • Electric Yamaha Upright (Black or White)
  • Yamaha Baby Grand GB1K

Estimates below are based on the baby Grand Piano, and with the assumption that there is easy access to your venue location (no stairs) with such things as a loading dock, a lift that fits the piano, or it is on a ground floor.


  • Hire of the grand piano $1295 (includes 3 days rental)
  • Please call for a quote for the additional fees involved with piano hire
    • Piano Tuning (Estimate from $250) + travel fee
    • Insurance (Must cover transporting, piano handling, use of piano at location)
    • Moving (Estimated from $1070 each way)
    • Fees for stairs
    • Fee depending on how far the piano has to be moved to
    • Any public holidays or Saturday | Sunday hire fee
  • Bond is $1200, returnable once the piano is returned on time