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Your Wedding Ceremony ($1250) – 1.5 hours

A solo professional pianist for the entire duration of your wedding ceremony from when your guests arrive to when they leave.

      • Guest Arrival Music – your guests will be greeted with music as they arrive and eagerly await the bride’s entrance (approx. half an hour before the wedding ceremony)
      • Bride Entrance – the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle
      • Signing of the Register – wedding certificate signing
      • Bride & Groom Exit – music to accompany the new bride and groom down the aisle
      • Guest Exit – music as guests follow the bride and groom out of the ceremony location

We also arrange a grand piano for your ceremony or reception – additional charges apply.

Working with Children Check
Public and Product Liability Insurance up to $20M

Ceremony Add On: Outdoor Ceremony ($350)

Includes all equipment required to setup in your outdoor location where  a power source is not available. 

Ceremony Add On: White Yamaha Piano ($550) 

Add a white Yamaha Keyboard for your ceremony.

Includes transporting it to the location, assembly, pack up, and any cleaning required. Please note that the surface must be stable.

Ceremony Add On: Vocalist ($675) – 2 Songs

Add a vocalist (this can also be Peter) to your wedding ceremony (2 songs)

The vocalist can sing any song for the bridal walk down the aisle, and the bride & groom exit.

Ceremony Add On: Celebrant Audio Hire ($285)

Your celebrant just has to turn up! All your celebrant audio needs.

Ceremony Add On: Audio Recording ($850) – 2 Songs

Professional audio recording of your wedding songs in a recording studio for your videographer to add to your special wedding video. This includes the bride entrance, and bride & groom exit. Delivered within 5 days of your wedding to your videographer.

Your Wedding Reception: Pianist ($2495)

A solo professional pianist for the entire duration of your wedding reception from when your guests arrive to when they leave.

      • Guest Arrival Music – your guests will be greeted with music as they arrive and mingle
      • Entrance of the Bridal Party – music to accompany your bridal party entrance, including the parents of the bride and groom
      • Background Music – music to maintain an ambience for your guests during the reception
      • Bride & Groom Entrance – the bride and groom entrance special song
      • Cutting of the Cake – feature music for cutting of the cake
      • Bride and Groom First Dance – special song for the bride and groom dance
      • Bride and Father dance – special song for the bride and father

Choose any music, any genre, any style, any cultural music – we plan the entire play set for you. 

  1. Unforgettable (Piano) Peter Teodorescu 3:40
  2. Unforgettable (Orchestral) Peter Teodorescu 3:35
  3. Speak Softly Love Peter Teodorescu 3:06
  4. When You're Smiling Peter Teodorescu 3:03
  5. I've Gotta Be Me Peter Teodorescu 2:58
  6. That's Amore Peter Teodorescu 3:07


Copy and paste this code to your site to embed.

This is just a small sample. Any song can be sung in any language and style. See more here.

Grand Piano Hire from $1800

We also arrange for a grand piano hire for your event.

Choose from:

      • Black Baby Grand
      • White Baby Grand
      • Black Medium Grand
      • Black Concert Grand

Charges vary depending on the location, if there is lift access to fit the piano, if there is a loading dock, or if there are stairs.

Prices below are an estimate only, and depend on your location. There is a bond of $780. Pianos can be hired for the day, not for hours.

      • Freight $660 each way to hire 2 men and to transport the piano and get it into your venue location where you would like it
      • Insurance $180
      • Hire of the piano per day $880
      • Tuning is on site – $250
      • Bond is $780

Congratulations on your wedding!


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