Scholarship Programs

Creating Opportunities

Every year, 3 students are awarded our Creating Opportunities scholarships of an amount up to $5700 each to support young musical talent who have difficulties obtaining a high standard of musical education.

The scholarships are funded by Peter Teodorescu.


3 awards total $17,100 AUD

Available Scholarships

Scholarship Award Offerings Year
Ana-Maria Avram & Iancu Dumitrescu Composition Scholarship $5700 1 student 2022-23
Teodorescu Vocal Scholarship **Awarded** $5700 1 student
Teodorescu Vocal Scholarship $5700 1 student


The award paid monthly is credited to your student account record and is to be used for vocal coaching or musical composition sessions. The award may also be used to fund any audio recordings or video performance recordings towards the end of the mentorship.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Demonstrates a high level of dedication, and a continual and consistent commitment to developing their musical education
  • Students will be assessed on their current musical abilities, potential, and current musical involvement
  • Experiencing financial difficulties or from a single parent family and not able to fund a high level of musical education
  • Students may either have been seft taught and/or show a high level of self initiative, or would like to tranfer over from another music school or form of music tuition. The scholarship is also available to existing students of Theodore’s School of Music who meet all eligibility requirements
  • For ages 10 to 18 years

Maintaining Eligibilty

  • The scholarship continues through a calendar year (for a length of 12 months) subject to the student’s demonstration of commitment, dedication, performance, and self initiative
  • The scholarship ends if the student is unable to meet the allocated work and commitment requirements
  • The monthly payments to your student account record is not transferable to another calendar year or another student, and cannot be paused. Any leave required as a result of student responsibilities, as a result of sickness, or family responsiblity is forfeited.

Student Submissions

Scholarships may be applied for at any time throughout the year.

Composition students must submit an original piano composition.

Vocal students must submit 3 different songs. These must be raw and unprocessed audio.

Apply for a Scholarship