To give you an example of the styles I can play for you, below is a sample set of playlist songs. This is not an exhaustive list, however if there is something not on this list, please let me know and I will include it. My memory is much more up to date than this list.

Everything is played from memory – so there is no unsightly sheet music. I just bring along a list of songs and can play any genre you like, including specific songs requested.

  • 70s to Contemporary
  • Movie Themes
  • Broadway / Musicals
  • Classical / Opera
  • Pop Jazz
  • French
  • Italian
  • Greek & Balkan
  • Italian Canzonettas
  • Russian
  • Spanish / South American / Cuban
  • Country
Total Records Found: 404, showing 50 per page
Song TitleGenre
Blueberry Hill Pop Jazz
Bolero (Ravel) Classical / Opera
Brahms Hungarian Dance No 2 Classical / Opera
Brahms Hungarian Dance No 6 Classical / Opera
Brahms Lullaby Classical / Opera
Brazil Spanish / South American / Cuban
Brindisi (La Traviata) Classical / Opera
Bublitcshky Russian
Buona Sera, Seniorina Italian
Burn 70s to Contemporary
C'e La Luna Mezzo Mare Italian
C'est Magnifique French
C'est Si Bon French
Cajurie Shukarie Greek & Balkan
Can't Help Falling In Love Pop Jazz
Can't Take My Eyes Of You Pop Jazz
Can’t Stop The Feeling 70s to Contemporary
Candy Man Pop Jazz
Caravan Pop Jazz
Caravan Pop Jazz
Carmen Habbanera Classical / Opera
Carol Of The Bells Christmas
Casta Diva Classical / Opera
Cha, Cha D'amour French
Chandelier 70s to Contemporary
Chariots Of Fire Movie Themes / Songs / Broadway / Musicals
Chatanooga Choo-Choo Pop Jazz
Cheap Thrills 70s to Contemporary
Cheek To Cheek Pop Jazz
Chopsticks Movie Themes / Songs / Broadway / Musicals
Christmas Is Around Christmas
City Of Stars Movie Themes / Songs / Broadway / Musicals
Coachmen, Don't Rush Your Horses (Rus) Russian
Cocojambo 70s to Contemporary
Come Back To Sorrento Italian Canzonettas
Comment ça Va? French
Con Te Partiro) Time To Say Goodbye Italian
Cumana Spanish / South American / Cuban
Czardas Monti Classical / Opera
Dance Me to The End of Love 70s to Contemporary
Dark Eyed Kossak Girl Russian
Dark Eyes Russian
Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup Pop Jazz
Deck The Hall Christmas
Deh Vieni Allafinestra Classical / Opera
Delilah Pop Jazz
Despacito 70s to Contemporary
Di Provenza Classical / Opera
Di Quela Pirra Classical / Opera
Die Moldau Classical / Opera