Their Story

Peter and Anthony met while working together on the theatrical production of ‘Oliver’. To support the ensemble who struggled to rememeber the lyrics, Peter recorded Anthony’s voice over multiple tracks with all the different voices from baritone, tenor, alto, and mezzo soprano. This required a range of over 3 octaves, and was used for the theatrical production performances.

Anthony has an amazing vocal range, being able to hit high double F on a chest voice.

They decided to record some music together. Note that the below audio of the videos have absolutely no audio filters, modifications, or alterations of any kind. It’s the real stuff – raw and real.

Thank you to Robert at WAYMARK Productions for putting the video together.

An Introduction – Theo & Rule

[0:03] Somewhere My Love (piano)
[0:20] Ave Maria (vocal)
[0:50] Eddy Duchin Story (piano)
[1:04] Chandelier (vocal)
[1:22] Chariots of Fire (piano)
[1:37] Sway (vocal)
[1:51] Pure Imagination (piano)
[2:09] All of Me (vocal)
[2:41] Never on Sunday (piano)
[2:58] Mad World (vocal)
[3:25] Feeling Good (vocal)

Theo & Rule Covers

Moments in Time