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Please Note: Until the situation with the COVID-19 settles, all sessions with our current and new students are conducted using Zoom and with up to 4k Ultra HD Video calling. 3 different camera angles (top view, side, and front).


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AMEB, ABRSM, and and other Graded Music Examinations

  • Level 1 (Preliminary – Grade 4)
  • Level 2 (Grade 5 – 8)
  • Certificate of Performance
  • Theory of Music (Grade 1-8, Associate, Licentiate)
  • Associate Diploma (AMUSA)
  • Licentiate Diploma (LMUSA)

Non-students $25 per session

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AMEB Notes:

  • Performing Exam Pieces From Memory: It is not mandatory to play your selected pieces by memory for the AMEB examiners. However, allowing students to have books or sheet music in front of them drives students to mental laziness. You will be taught to play independently of the books/sheet music and to perform at the exams playing pieces by memory without the books/sheet music.


We refer you on to a highly recommended teacher

Due to our schedule approaching full capacity, and the introduction of exciting new projects in 2020, we recommend you on to another teacher we highly recommend for Beginner to Intermediate students.

We do not take any commision. We are often asked for recommendations for piano teachers for time sessions we do not have available. We simply refer you on to a highly recommended teacher.

Lessons in Your Home? Need to Save Time?


Not everyone has the time to travel to take one on one lessons. Time is money – we appreciate your time is valuable! If you would like lessons in your home for yourself or for your children, but you would like to save time by not travelling or you want to be productive while your child is having a lesson in your own home:

What does the 1-on-1 Session Fee Cover?

Your booked session time one on one
Individual session plan based on your level
Development of session material
For AMEB – Accelerated learning practice daily personalised schedule
Creation of any sheet music for your sessions (Sibelius – leading industry software), transposition of any music, and transcription of any practice material required
Creation of any audio tracks required for practice or the session (Cubase software), and backing tracks
Monthly daily practice sheets where applicable, email support midweek if progress audio required – especially when preparing for a performance or auditions
For vocal lessons: Piano accompaniment and backing tracks – full instrumental
Learning any song from any culture, in any language to teach you in your session time
All administration (email communication, scheduling, day before sms reminders)
Opportunity to take part in the quarterly video/audio recordings of your vocal/piano/duo/composition work. Recording location run sheet and location announced 2 months in advance, and students are selected to take part
Melissa Ritchie
Melissa Ritchie
01:43 07 Mar 20
Peter has been teaching my two sons (9 & 12) for the past six months. He is extremely talented and very patient (especially with my challenging 9 year old). They have learnt so much and love their music. Highly recommended!
Jules Mitry
Jules Mitry
07:44 20 Feb 20
My three children age 6-14 have been attending Theodore’s School of Music since November 2019. Both Diana and Peter are wonderful professionals and very supportive and enthusiastic in teaching music. I could not be happier for my children to keep learning at Theodore’s School of Music. The... fact that they can come to our house for private lessons definitely big bonus for us as working more
Jacaranda K
Jacaranda K
04:01 20 Feb 20
I have been taking singing and piano lessons with Peter for 12 months and I look forward to my lesson. Peter always goes to extra trouble to make sure I'm improving and understanding what he is teaching me. I've been introduced to new types of music and because of him I'm now able to work as a... performer doing what I love to more
Anny Cao
Anny Cao
09:44 21 Nov 19
Highly recommended piano teacher! We had Peter recently teaching our son for his piano Comprehensive (Solo) 6th grade exam, Peter is very dedicated teacher, he leads with clear directions, and works extra time for his student's benefit, especially he had specifically designed practical time tables... to assist our son to develop his skills for the best possible outcome, we're very appreciated and blessed to have him more
Korinne Brown
Korinne Brown
13:28 30 Sep 19
My singing lessons are a highlight of every week. I have been surprised by how quickly I have noticed a difference - for the MUCH better! As someone who has not had the opportunity to consider singing lessons till :cough: middle-age :cough:, I have thoroughly appreciated Peter’s relaxed &... flexible approach. He has an amazing ear for music & remarkable ability to coach both your ‘ear’ and your ‘voice’. Each lesson flies by, is lots of fun, and always full of valuable feedback. Working with Peter has resulted in my making more progress faster than I could have imagined. Two months ago I was not at all confident I could actually find and hold a note, let alone sing anything someone could stay in a room with. Today I have three songs on my practise list that I almost don’t care if the neighbours heard me practicing and THAT I definitely did NOT expect! Peter is definitely a little bit magic as a singing teacher 😉read more
Eddie Ibrahim
Eddie Ibrahim
05:05 04 Sep 19
Peter has been my 8 year old sons piano teacher for the past 3 months. In this short time my son has not only learnt the basics of reading and writing music, he has also started composing some basic pieces. Peter is highly recommended and a great investment in my sons future.
Freya Dawson
Freya Dawson
08:41 27 Aug 19
My 14 year old son has been having piano lessons with Peter for some months now and is enjoying them immensely. I am very impressed with Peter's willingness to adapt the lessons to my sons taste in music and his ability to inspire and encourage him. His enthusiasm, amazing skills, love of music,... warmth and flexibility make him a wonderful teacher and mentor. My son is learning very quickly as a more
Trish Cheng
Trish Cheng
07:54 27 Aug 19
My son started a trial lesson two months ago and he got some feedback and evaluation from Peter. That he is ready to start learning piano lessons. Its been about 8-10 classes now and my son is going quite well. He is improving his concentration and piano skill day by day. We are happy with Peter's... experience on teaching, his piano skills and his patience on my son. Since I am able to attend the lesson with my son sometime so I am really happy that Peter and Diana communicate with me via email about my son's progress and providing suggestions on how to improve my son's piano skills. We are happy with Peter and Diana and we will recommend friends and family if they are interested in gaining music more
emma gao
emma gao
12:42 05 Aug 19
Best piano teacher! Definitely recommend Peter. He has passion for music himself and knows how to guide his student like music.
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart
10:10 01 Aug 19
I have had the pleasure of working with Peter on multiple occasions and his talent and passion is constantly inspiring.
Taraful Silvian Voicu
Taraful Silvian Voicu
08:46 29 Jul 19
Peter Teodorescu is an absolute pure musician and an excellent pianist, among the few or even the only guy who is able to sing like the great Siminica. There is much to be said about Peter - not only because he has perfect pitch. I worked with him on the show 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' where he... was responsible for setting the individual contestant's key to ensure that their TV performance would be optimal. I have been pleasantly surprised that he is able to hear the smallest detail - that even the show's executive producer has said that no-one will ever match Peter's skills. Every detail was explained in depth and the keys were perfect for our band and our competitors. I'm extremely proud to have worked with someone that knows so much about music and singing and has been such an invaluable asset to the show, and extremely proud to have such a good more
Ally Khan
Ally Khan
05:41 18 Apr 19
My son has been having vocal lessons and loves it. He has improved a lot in his ability to perform and his confidence. Peter has gone out of his way to help my son and his professionalism and talent as a musician and teacher is outstanding.
Alexandria Varshawsky
Alexandria Varshawsky
05:34 03 Apr 19
Peter joined us at our aged care community recently. He put on a beautiful show for our customers that they thoroughly enjoyed. Many of our customers have asked for him to return as his classical music was a lovely mix from other entertainers in aged care. We would definitely recommend him.
Bonnie Dean
Bonnie Dean
01:18 18 Mar 19
Peter is my 5 year old daughter's first piano teacher. She loves music and has always shown interest in the piano. Although she is shy, Peter is patient and encouraging and is able to work with my daughter's interests to make the weekly lessons enjoyable. For example, she enjoys learning music... theory through writing her own music based on the notes she is learning. Peter has been so wonderful, transcribing her little songs that she can then share with her friends and family. We are encouraged by her more
09:10 17 Mar 19
Peter has been teaching my 9 year old son for few weeks now at home. Prompt and punctual. Peter is an awesome teacher. Humble and a very passionate and a patient teacher. Would recommend him as a teacher for any one who is keen on learning music.
julie renshaw
julie renshaw
02:21 26 Feb 19
Peter has been teaching our 10 year old son piano for over 6 months....the most brilliant piano teacher, and mentor, we could ever have wished for! Our son was not initially passionate to learn, however, I had read of many studies (Psychology Today-19th August, 2015). which found significant... results in increasing of Auditory Processing skills (necessary for all learning), in Dyslexic and non-dyslexic children alike. As our son has dyslexia, we made contact with Peter. Already in this time, our son has happily progressed with his piano and finger skills, and also has improved in his academic performance at school, and his confidence in general. I notice a heightened auditory ability to recall everyday directions/requests at home. Our son really looks up to Peter, for his amazing piano skills, for his ability to gently encourage and motivate, and equally as important-to believe in his own ability. Peter has always given so much time and dedication to his lessons. The humbleness of Peter is heart warming, his skill at the piano/keyboard is sensational...with the ability to 'hit out' any song on request in a moment...with a smile on his face emitting the joy that music brings to him. I am sure Peter thrives on the fact that in teaching others these skills, they too may share in some of this joy!read more
Admin Rowcliffconsulting
Admin Rowcliffconsulting
23:19 17 Feb 19
Peter teaches my 6 year old piano and she looks forward to seeing him each week. He is extremely patient and teaches my daughter something new each time. Peter inspires my daughter to try new tunes and to write her own music which makes her more confident each day. Thank you Peter
Martin Silver
Martin Silver
23:02 05 Feb 19
The concert today was Fantastic, the residents of St Luke’s were exciting and happy of Peter’s talent. As a high care facility it was beautiful to witness the joy that Peter bought to the residents. It was also very touching how he spoke and shook the hand of all the residents, as a result our... residents seemed quite lifted as Peter assisted to relive some of their emotions and memories with his fantastic talent. Thanks again Peter for making our resident very happy today. Regards John Ramos.. Acting Lifestyle Coordinatorread more
Anthony Rule
Anthony Rule
09:50 31 Jan 19
Theo is an incomparable pianist and tutor whom I've had the pleasure of working with on multiple occasions, both as a part of our entertainment duo 'Theo and Rule' as well as during a musical production of 'Oliver!' wherein Theo was the Musical Director and I the Vocal Coach. He has always been a... pleasure to work with and his affinity for piano is truly remarkable; not only is his technical knowledge and expertise absolute, but he also understands the importance of complimenting this with a connection to emotion and a sort of integrity which adds that extra layer of colour and purpose to both his own playing and in regards to mentorship. I highly recommend Theodore to anyone hoping to REALLY learn the piano to its full capacity and more
David Powderly
David Powderly
23:05 26 Jan 19
Peter is an amazing pianist. I have listened to him play on many occasions, have jammed with him, and we have had many conversations about music, music theory, performance etc. If I wanted to learn piano he would be the person I would go to, no contest. For myself, I am a professional guitar... teacher and music examiner for the Registry of Guitar Tutors and London College of Music who has held exams and taught in four countries and have an international student roster. Peter would be my first choice in piano. His knowledge of theory, desire to experiment with music and his playfulness all contribute to make him the most enthusiastic ambassador for his instrument. He is the teacher I recommend to any piano enquiries I receive, and will be the person I send my children more
Judy Kisela
Judy Kisela
05:45 16 Jan 19
The concert today was fantastic ,the residents were in awe of Peter’s talent. As a high care facility it was beautiful to witness the joy that Peter bought to all residents. It was also very touching how he spoke and shook the hand of all the residents after the concert it meant so much to them,... they will be talking about this for a long time to come. The residents can't wait for his return performance. Thanks again Peter for making so many people happy more
Amanda Keys
Amanda Keys
07:23 13 Jan 19
Peter came and played at the Residential Nursing Home I work at. The residents absolutely loved him. He played all their old time favourite songs and also played songs from different cultures of the residents- putting smiles on their faces and even bringing one man from Austria to tears when he... played a song from his country. When he finished, he went around and said hello to each and every resident. Such a lovely man. Highly recommend more
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson
17:18 09 Jan 19
Wow! Now i don't usually start my review with one word, wait i have a better one, INCREDIBLE! I'm the Activities Officer for a local Aged Care Facility and was looking for new entertainers for 2019. An email came through about Peter and i thought why not, and boy was i glad i did. Peter arrived at... our facility on time and as soon as his hands hit those piano keys i knew i had my new Pianist! His talent absolutely enthralled the residents, for the hour we were treated to the BEST piano performance i have seen. He can literally play everything! After Peter had finished he was so polite, he thanked every resident, had a bit of a chat and was on his way. The residents loved him that much they were following him out the door to say goodbye! Peter has now been included to play at my facility twice a month. The residents were so impressed they wanted more. I was more than happy to have such talent return and play. If i can give you a word of advice, hire this man and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed 😁read more
Barbara Ferguson
Barbara Ferguson
22:15 13 Nov 18
Hi Theodore This is so awesome and amazing Am so excited I can now think of writing music I used to forge songs when I was young so may be I can start now with real piano!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
Jake Grover
Jake Grover
09:17 11 Nov 18
I hold Peter in a high regard as a music teacher, I took fortnightly hour long piano lessons as I wanted to delve into music theory after playing guitar for 5 years with little knowledge on theory. His patience and ability to cater for what i was looking to learn was extremely professional left... me looking forward to the lessons every fortnight. If you are looking for an amazing teacher look no further. Cheers more
Sandra De La Fosse
Sandra De La Fosse
09:04 16 Jun 18
I was so nervous to sing, but Peter was very patient with me and made me feel safe enough to sing. He didn't rush me, but he gently encouraged me to work through my anxiety and nerves. I really enjoyed the time that I spent with Peter and he really helped me. Sophie.
Stanley John
Stanley John
16:37 15 Jun 18
What a breath of fresh air Peter is for Wollongong! A musical purist. I love his stories from working on TV shows and with celebrities. He inspires and builds my confidence. I love his honesty and bluntness. There are too many teachers claiming to be musical professionals and allowing their... students perform and be embarrassed when they are clearly not ready. Peter is the real deal. Enough more
Serban Copot
Serban Copot
15:51 31 May 18
One of the best vocal coaches that my country lost in favour of Australia! Professional! This is the word that can summarise my interaction with Peter. A dedicated musician, with an extensive musical experience!
John Mullan
John Mullan
10:58 27 Feb 18
Life is art, art is music, Peter Teodorescu is music personified. I am a Celt and like a moth to the taper, I have enjoyed music throughout my life without knowing why. Peter has a gift, he makes music understandable in a way that you cannot teach. His love of music is infectious and I unreservedly... recommend him to you. He will expect consistency, constancy and commitment from you as a student but in return he will seamlessly expound music theory and he will affect you with an enduring love of sound. He will teach you to express in music that what cannot be said in mere words. Peter is a great person and a wonderful teacher. Enjoy!read more
Theresa Mullan
Theresa Mullan
00:58 16 Feb 18
Peter is a not only a brilliant performer, he is also a great teacher. I have had the pleasure of performing with Peter twice in the past year and he has also acted as my vocal coach, giving me tips and tricks to improve my signing and my confidence to perform. I cannot recommend Peter highly... enough, he is truly a talented musician and the perfect choice for people of all ages looking to learn piano or more
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Private sessions must be paid for in advance to reserve your time session and teacher. This means BEFORE the day of your session. Not on the day of your session). Payment for the month must be paid for on or by the 1st of the month. For example, for your sessions to be reserved for the month of November, the month's payment must be paid in full before or on the 1st of November. Depending on the day of your session, some months have 4 weeks of lessons, and some have 5 weeks.
Due to the different number of days in the months, in some months you will have 5 sessions. In other months you will have 4.
Your invoice will contain either 4 or 5 lessons for the following month.
If you start midmonth, a prorata amount is used. Example, if there are 2 sessions left in the month, the invoice will be for 2 sessions.
A consultation is a one off, occasional, or infrequent session with Peter. This is regardless of what you are learning or need help with. These have higher session rates.
Currently we accept the following payment types:
  • Bank transfer to BSB and Account Number.
  • Cash
A pro rata amount is paid up to the end of the month. On the 1st of the following month, the normal monthly billing cycle takes place.
The best way to answer this is as follows:
We recommend that you try the other teachers around us for a few months. Note your progress after that.

Then take 1 session with Peter, and you will understand the difference.
Time is reserved in advance and it is not possible to reserve a timeslot without paying in advance. This allows us to run an efficient and productive schedule.
Lessons are paid in advance to reserve time for your session.


Absolutely! Create something great. Claim your $100 Creative Kids voucher today.
As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great.
For more information regarding the Creative Kids program, or to learn more about the more than 40 government savings and rebates to help with your cost of living, visit  
Generally as early as 5 years old is best, however children younger than this (3-4yo) may have excellent focus when learning music. For children younger than 3, the best parents can do is expose children to classical music daily (from 15 minutes to 3 hours). If your child is exposed to music before 5 years of age, the chances of the child having perfect pitch is significantly greater.
If you would like to start lessons for a child younger than 5, contact us for a trial lesson for 30 minutes. Also see Giving Your Baby an Early Advantage.
Yes I recommend this. You may like to take notes throughout to help your child when they do their own practice in their own time.
A common question asked is whether a child should still pursue singing lessons when their voice is breaking (male voice), and how long it will take until the child's voice becomes stable.
It is better to stop training while your child’s voice is breaking because it is like training with an inconsistent instrument. The results are unpredictable and it is frustrating and disheartening. Either have a break, or we can focus on things like music theory and/or sight reading that will help him in the future. We can still do solfeggios which will teach sight singing and pitch.
In terms of how long it takes for a child’s voice to become stable, I can’t answer this. For myself, it took approximately 3 months, but every person is different.
Yes and No. Singing is something you can train. It depends on how much someone has been exposed to music (any genre) and their interests in it, however there are situations where children do not have the ear or ability to sing, no matter how much time and money you throw at the quest. In this case, I do not want to take your hard earned money for a goal that may not be achievable and I will let you know if we think that energy and money should be spent elsewhere.
Unfortunately there are music schools that provide singing lessons for any children and are happy to put a child on stage or in public to sing when they are not ready, or with a song that does not match their vocal range. This is unfair.
Music must build a child or adult’s confidence and they must feel good about singing and feel good about making progress every week. Confidence is priceless and will carry over into everything else the student puts their mind on in life.
Yes this is the most efficient use of your time. I’ll schedule the children one after another.
Yes. It is mandatory when teaching children to have a valid Working With Children Check Number at all times. Additional to this our school requires all teachers must have completed the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian Child Safe eLearning packages and have a police check.