Session Fees – Vocal Coaching, Singing, & Vocal Finishing

Vocal Coaching/Singing

(1-on-1 Session)

What type of time commitment would you like to make?

Please provide a link or audio file attachment of an audio sample of singing (any song portion) when you send through your email enquiry.

Easy Payment Options

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit | Debit Card*
  • Ezidebit – Pay Week to Week*

* Payment via Bank Transfer is always free. Additional fees apply for Credit | Debit card payments made via our secure Ezidebit payment provided. Pay Week to Week incurs an additional fee, and is paid via a direct debit agreement via Ezidebit.

Peter is an ADHD Certified Educator (ADHD-CE) and has a Certificate in Autism Through the Spectrum, and Certificate in Developing Social-Emotional Skills & Self-Regulation in Students. He provides the benefits of receiving advanced training and experience to children and adults diagnosed with ADHD and/or ASD. Peter has also completed specialised study in Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia – An Integrated Approach. Sessions are also provided for students who are on self managed NDIS Plans, or we work with the NDIS Plan provider to organise your sessions.

Piano accompaniment, backing tracks (full instrumental and personalised), vocal exercises, and transposition of all your selected music to suit your voice, all included.

Weekly vocal lessons are able to be booked for a minimum of 1 month without any further commitment.


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What does the 1-on-1 Session Fee Cover?

Your booked session time one on one
Individual session plan based on your level
Development of session material
Creation of any sheet music for your sessions (Sibelius – leading industry software), transposition of any music for your session, and transcription of any practice material required for your session
Creation of any audio tracks required for practice or the session (Cubase software), and backing tracks
Monthly daily practice sheets where applicable, email support midweek if progress audio required – especially when preparing for a performance or auditions
For vocal lessons: Piano accompaniment and backing tracks – full instrumental
Learning any song from any culture, in any language to teach you in your session time
All administration (email communication, scheduling, day before sms reminders)
Opportunity to take part in the quarterly video/audio recordings of your vocal/piano/duo/composition work. Recording location run sheet and location announced 2 months in advance, and students are selected to take part

Vocal 80/20 Finishing MasterSession

(Single 1-on-1 Session)

Help me choose

What type of time commitment would you like to make?

FrequencyDuration Session FeeYour Location
Consultation1.5 hours$570+$200
Consultation2.0 hours$760+$200
Consultation3.0 hours$1140+$200

A single 1-on-1 session identifying and solving the 20% of your vocal issues that make 80% of the difference. Results are immediate.

Consults are also for singing teachers for help with their current students, or to improve their vocal coaching.

We also recommend these sessions if you are after Vocal FinishingMaking a song your own – unique to your voice, identifying and working to correct every single issue you have with your singing for a clean finished product.

Our Locations



17 Kruger Avenue, Windang

Conveniently located near Albion Park, Shellharbour, and Oak Flats areas.

12 minutes from Shellharbour City Centre.

15 minutes south of Wollongong.


 Figtree Hall

11 Princess Highway, Figtree

Located next to the beautiful Figtree oval with a children’s large playground.

1 minute walk to Figtree Grove Shopping Centre.


Private sessions must be paid for in advance to reserve your time session and teacher. This means BEFORE the day of your session. Not on the day of your session). Payment for the month must be paid for on or by the 1st of the month. For example, for your sessions to be reserved for the month of November, the month's payment must be paid in full before or on the 1st of November. Depending on the day of your session, some months have 4 weeks of lessons, and some have 5 weeks. Please note that there is a $20 a month late fee payment when invoices are not paid.
Due to the different number of days in the months, in some months you will have 5 sessions. In other months you will have 4.
Your invoice will contain either 4 or 5 lessons for the following month.
If you start midmonth, a prorata amount is used. Example, if there are 2 sessions left in the month, the invoice will be for 2 sessions.
Currently we accept the following payment types:
  • Bank transfer to BSB and Account Number.
  • Cash
  • Credit | Debit Card
A pro rata amount is paid up to the end of the month. On the 1st of the following month, the normal monthly billing cycle takes place.
Time is reserved in advance and it is not possible to reserve a timeslot without paying in advance. This allows us to run an efficient and productive schedule.
Lessons are paid in advance to reserve time for your session.
Paying for each session at a time is treated as a once off session, and has a different fee to weekly session fees.


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Generally as early as 5 years old is best, however children younger than this (3-4yo) may have excellent focus when learning music. For children younger than 3, the best parents can do is expose children to classical music daily (from 15 minutes to 3 hours). If your child is exposed to music before 5 years of age, the chances of the child having perfect pitch is significantly greater.
If you would like to start lessons for a child younger than 5, contact us for a trial lesson for 30 minutes. Also see Giving Your Baby an Early Advantage.
Yes I recommend this. You may like to take notes throughout to help your child when they do their own practice in their own time.
A common question asked is whether a child should still pursue singing lessons when their voice is breaking (male voice), and how long it will take until the child's voice becomes stable.
It is better to stop training while your child’s voice is breaking because it is like training with an inconsistent instrument. The results are unpredictable and it is frustrating and disheartening. Either have a break, or we can focus on things like music theory and/or sight reading that will help him in the future. We can still do solfeggios which will teach sight singing and pitch.
In terms of how long it takes for a child’s voice to become stable, I can’t answer this. For myself, it took approximately 3 months, but every person is different.
Yes and No. Singing is something you can train. It depends on how much someone has been exposed to music (any genre) and their interests in it, however there are situations where children do not have the ear or ability to sing, no matter how much time and money you throw at the quest. In this case, I do not want to take your hard earned money for a goal that may not be achievable and I will let you know if we think that energy and money should be spent elsewhere.
Unfortunately there are music schools that provide singing lessons for any children and are happy to put a child on stage or in public to sing when they are not ready, or with a song that does not match their vocal range. This is unfair.
Music must build a child or adult’s confidence and they must feel good about singing and feel good about making progress every week. Confidence is priceless and will carry over into everything else the student puts their mind on in life.
Yes this is the most efficient use of your time. I’ll schedule the children one after another.
Yes. It is mandatory when teaching children to have a valid Working With Children Check Number at all times. Additional to this our school requires all teachers must have completed the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian Child Safe eLearning packages and have a police check.